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Tom’s dynamic musical background spans many worlds, bringing a diverse range of influences to his work in film and television, theatre and orchestral projects. In 2015 he won the “APRA Best Original Music in a series" award at the APRA Silver Scrolls for the second year running with TV show Girl Vs Boy. In 2016 he was a finalist again in the feature film category with his score for The Art Of Recovery.

Tom recently composed the score for 3D feature film Into The Rainbow, recorded in Berlin with the renowned Filmorchester Babelsberg, and mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Matt Howe. He also scored Pecking Order - a documentary about chickens that was a
crowd favourite at this years NZ International Film Festival, and has just completed the feature film "Kiwi Christmas” released for Christmas 2017.

Tom is also collaborating on a new stage musical project Star Navigator, with composer/lyricist Tim Finn and librettist Gary Henderson.

Other work includes scoring the 6-part drama series When We Go To War, the feature films Netherwood and 3 Mile Limit (nominated for Best Score at the NZ Film Awards), and acclaimed feature documentaries The Art Of Recovery, The Last Dogs Of Winter, Candyman, and Lost In Wonderland, as well as many short films including the award-winning Dr Grordbort presents: The Deadliest Game.

Tom has collaborated with many NZ artists including Pass The Gat (Warren Maxwell, Thomas Oliver, Louis baker) The Phoenix Foundation and Luke Buda, and has produced and arranged albums such as Tim Beveridge’s Come Rain Come Shine for Sony Music (recorded with the Buddy Childers Big Band in Los Angeles), and The Spirit Symphony with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Tom has also scored several tele-features for German network ZDF, as well as the NZ television shows The Killian Curse, Amazing Extraordinary Friends, Secret Agent Men, and the musical drama series Karaoke High. He arranged and produced music for Channel 5 (U.K.) shows Atlantis High, Revelations, and international cult hit The Tribe, as well as several light-entertainment shows for TVNZ.

Tom’s orchestral composition A Hero’s Tale was commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia and was selected for the SOUNZ recordings with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, broadcast on RNZ concert.




Kiwi Christmas - Feature Film (dir. Tony Simpson) [in production]

Pecking Order - Feature Documentary (dir. Slavko Martinov) 2016

Into The Rainbow [aka The Wonder] - Feature Film (dir. Norman Stone) 2016 [in production]

Hypothermia - Short Film (dir. Pavel Kvatch) 2015

The Art Of Recovery - Feature Documentary (dir. Peter Young) 2015

Act Of Kindness - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2015

When We Go To War - TV drama mini-series (dir. Peter Burger) 2015

Girl vs. Boy - TV drama/comedy SEASON 3 (dir. Thomas Robins/David Stubbs) 2014

Dancers - Short Film (dir. Louise Leitch) 2014

3 Mile Limit - Feature Film (dir. Craig Newland) 2013

Mitre 10 Dream Home - TV reality series SEASON 11 (dir. Leon Sefton) TVNZ, 2013

Girl vs. Boy - TV drama/comedy SEASON 2 (dir. Thomas Robins/David Stubbs) 2013

Blankets - Short Film (dir. Louise Leitch) 2013

The God Painter - Short Film (dir. Pavel Kvatch) 2013

The Present - Short Film (dir. Thomas Robins) 2012

Girl vs. Boy - TV drama/comedy series SEASON 1 (dir. Thomas Robins/David Stubbs) 2012

Spuren der Verganganheit - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. Christoph Schrewe) 2012

The Gospel Of John - Booktrack score - New Testament (dir. Jacqueline Coats) 2012

Hot Rob - Short Film (dir. Andy Campion) 2012

Dr Grordbort presents: The Deadliest Game - Short Film (dir. James Cunningham) 2011

The Last Dogs Of Winter - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2011

Der Zauber von Neuseeland - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. John Delbridge) 2011

Entscheidung des Herzens - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. John Delbridge) 2011

Netherwood – Feature Film (dir. Cristobal Araus Lobos) 2011

Daytime Tiger - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2011

Sehnsucht nach Paradise Island - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. Thomas Hezel) 2011

Whakatiki - Short Film (dir. Louise Leitch) 2010

Living With Ivy - Short Film 2010

Candyman: The David Klein Story - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2010

Alone Against The Tasman - TV Docu-drama for TV1 (dir. Roz Mason) 2010

One Night Only - TV talent show entertainment series for TV2, 2009

Lost In Wonderland - Feature Documentary (dir. Zoe McIntosh, prod. Costa Botes) 2009

The Amazing Extraordinary Friends - TV drama series for TV2 (Greenstone) 2006-2008 [3 SEASONS]

The Killian Curse 2 - TV drama series (TVNZ) 2007

Karaoke High - TV drama series (TVNZ) 2006

Karma - Short Film (dir. Damon Fepuleai) 2005

Tommy Love - TV comedy pilot (Prime) 2004

Maiden Voyage - Tele-feature (Carlton America, dir. Colin Budds) 2003

Secret Agent Men - TV drama series for TV3 (Greenstone) 2003-2004


music director:

Tommy Love - Live Entertainment TV pilot (TV3) 2010

One Night Only - Live entertainment TV series (TVNZ) 2009

Revelations - TV drama series (Cloud 9) 2002

The Tribe - TV drama series (season 4) (Cloud 9) 2001

Atlantis High - TV drama series (Cloud 9) 2001

Young Entertainers - Live entertainment TV series (DSP) 1997-1999

Showcase - Live entertainment TV series (DSP) 1997-1998

The Gong Show - Live entertainment TV series (DSP) 1997




A Hero's Tale - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (composer) - SOUNZ recording

Happy Endings - The Phoenix Foundation (strings arranger)

Vesuvius - Luke Buda (strings arranger)

Karaoke High - soundtrack (unreleased) (composer / producer)

Come Rain Come Shine - Tim Beveridge (arranger / producer)

The Spirit Symphony - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (arranger / producer)

Fever: A Peggy Lee Story - Sarah Lineham (arranger / producer)

The Tribe - Abe Messiah (second edition - 3 tracks - arranger / producer)