Tom Mcleod


Feature Film; western / thriller
Starring Owen Black, Will Hall, Miriama Smith, Peter McCauley, Mick Innes, Peter Rowley
© Netherwood Films Ltd
Official Selection - New Zealand International Film Festival (Christchurch) 2011.

Set in a fictional backwater and filmed in the beautiful limestone hills of Waipara, north of Christchurch, Netherwood stirs a hefty dose of hardboiled Southern Man stoicism into a modern day Western thriller. When Stan (Owen Black) enters the small country town Netherwood and unwittingly inherits a prime piece of land coveted by a local wealthy landowner, what ensues is a conflict over land, driven by a primal battle between men for power and dominance.

Music composed by Tom McLeod, songs by Delaney Davidson
featuring Delaney Davidson (guitar) and Justin Firefly (guitar/mandolin/banjo)
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