Tom Mcleod
Dr Grordbort's

Dr Grordbort's "The Deadliest Game"

Short Film: Steampunk Sc-fi, 3D animation
Director: James Cunningham
© Media Design School 2012
Award winning filmmaker James Cunningham has created the first ever film for globally recognised property Dr. Grordbort's, with full support from Greg Broadmore (creator) and Richard Taylor (co-owner of Stardog and Weta Workshop). Working with advanced 3D production students at the Media Design School, Cunningham and screenwriter Nick Ward tell the story of inter-planetary adventurer Lord Broadforce on his imperialist mission to conquer other worlds on behalf of the British empire. Imposing his beautifully destructive weaponry, he also gives a valuable 'lesson' along the way to an eco-friendly American journalist.

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Music composed by Tom McLeod
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