Tom Mcleod
When We Go To War

When We Go To War

Drama mini-series
© Jump Film and Television
As 2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing, TV ONE commissioned the six-part television event “When We Go to War” .
A historical saga, it tells the story of six young men and women who, in 1914, are full of plans and dreams for the future.

Cutting between life at home, Gallipoli and Egypt, this spectacular drama begins in a time of optimism and hope, on the eve of war.

As the series - and the war - progress, the changing lives of those back home are contrasted with the experiences of New Zealand soldiers in the trenches and of nurses caring for the wounded in Egypt.

At home or abroad, nobody will come through the war unchanged.

Tom had the good fortune of working with some of NZ's finest musicians on this epic score, along with a superbly talented music team that included John Psathas (Music Advisor, composer of opening title theme), David Downes (Music Editor) Ben Woods (Music Preparation), Hamish McKeich (Conductor), Neil Maddever (Recordist), John Neill (Mixer), Ewan Clark, Sarah Lineham, Jeremy Fitzsimons... with Robin Scholes (Series Producer), Janine Dickins (Series Co-Producer), and the marvellous Peter Burger (Series Director).

Score by Tom McLeod
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