Tom Mcleod
Blood, Sex And Royalty

Blood, Sex And Royalty

Netflix Series

A 3-part period docu-drama created for Netflix, about the life of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. The show is a modern, feminist take on Anne's extraordinary impact, influence and place in history, produced by acclaimed UK company Nutopia (One Strange Rock, The World According To Jeff Goldblum).

Tom created a dramatic score to fit around the various contemporary pop songs / R&B / hiphop tracks in the soundtrack - infused with elements from of all these genres, amidst orchestra, synths and pulsing ambiences, to capture the sass, the smarts and the temerity of “Anne”. The score traverses the tonal shift through the series, from the witty one-liners of young Anne in the French and Tudor Courts, to the high-stakes political machinations and betrayals that lead to her infamous beheading.

The Guardian’s glowing 4 star review describes the show as “Warm, witty and full of universally brilliant acting, this is an absolute triumph of a docudrama.”

Music by Tom McLeod